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Airport Rovitips

Hola amigos!
Welcome to my latest post Airport Rovitips!
I believe I have mastered the art of getting around aiports over the years and I feel it’s time to share with you my best tips so you can travel like a pro this summer 🙂


This is one of my favourite topics. When I book my flights, I like to do a little research first. Number 1 Rovitip: go to a flight search website, I like to look at eDreams and see all the options. After you see your most convenient flights, then you go and book directly to the company’s website. WHYYYY? Easy, because in case there is anything happening with your ticket, you need to change flights or whatever the reason, is always better to talk directly to the company without any intermediary.


ALWAYS check in your flight online. WHY?? Because you will already have a seat in the plane reserved and in case of overbooking you are already counted in! 🙂
Also you will save a lot of time going directly to the gate!
In case of Vueling for example, they make you pay for the seats if you want to reserve. One of my tips is that with them I like to take priority seat, only on the way out ( I normally don’t take the flight back cause I end up staying more days so it would be a waste to book it for the way back) and this way it ensures you go in the plane first without having to stand in line and MOST IMPORTANT it ensures you have space for your carry on luggage.


Unless you are going away for more than 1 week, you should be fine with a trolley.
Learn how to pack your things in a small suitcase it will avoid you many problems at the airport and the overall trip.
Another important Rovitip is that with the trolley aka the carry on suitcase, you are also allowed to carry one handbag. Use this handbag thoughtfully. What I mean is that you can use it as an extension of your luggage. The extra bikinis, charger, shoes, your vanity bag, all these things can fit in your handbag. You can also get a small purse and put it inside the handbag. There you go Luggage extended!!! So at the end the trolley + hand bag = same space as the big suitcase, and you can carry everything with you <3 Result, no need to wait at the luggage belt at the exit plus you ensure you have your things with you at all time and nothing goes missing! In case you need to check in a big bag, always take a picture of it in case it gets lost it will be easier to identify! Please avoid the typical black suitcase it is only much harder to find.


We are in 2016 but some people still have more than 100ml liquids in the carry on! Please remember to put your soaps, perfume etc in little plastic bottles you will find anywhere in the supermarket! Special mention to my friend Pamela who tried to pass a bottle of Aguardiente from Colombia in her trolley at Cairo airport in Egypt. You can imagine the show! Don’t ask how but we managed to get the alcohol in the plane! We will always laugh at this one Pamelita!


Make sure you have updated your music playlist. I am super happy with my Spotify Premium account, I can save all the songs I like and listen to them in the plane. I am subscribed to top charts such as “Todays top hits” and “Top 100 tracks currently on Spotify” so I am always updated with the new hits!
Make sure you have your ID/Passport updated, seems like a stupid tip, but how many times I see people running to get a new passport last minute before flying!
Download your boarding pass to your phone. Do it through the airlines app. In case of international flights or long trips I recommend you print your boarding pass. You could run out of battery, your phone is not loading with the international network, who knows! This could be a life saver cause if not you need to go through check in again, miss your flight… We do not want to take the risk!


It doesn´t matter if you are flying to Ibiza or to New York. If you are going to an airport and you are taking a flight you gotta dress with the appropriate clothes. WHY? Because the airport is not a swimming pool. The air conditioning is super high and you will freeze. So wear jeans, a light jacket, a scarf (pashmina ) and trainers. That’s a super important Rovitip, yes the shoes are very important. When you are running around the terminal with trainers instead of the super beautiful precious stoned sandals you bought in Milan you will thank me!


You need to pay attention to the airport screens, sometimes the flight will be delayed or you will have to change gate and if you are not paying attention you will miss your flight!
Also if there is any change in the flight and you need to be relocated its always better to be the first one to realize, the chances are you are more likely to be relocated on the next flight faster than if you are the last at the queue.

So thank you so much for reading and safe trip!
Sit back, relax and enjoy the flight!
Wishing you all amazing summer holidays
Hope you like my airport Rovitips and let me know if you have any other tips to share with us!

Love <3 Mon Rovi

2 Responses
  • Angela Pamela
    August 8, 2016

    Excelente ✨?

  • Angela Pamela
    August 8, 2016

    Jajajaja también se regó por toda la ropa de Rosi y le quedo oliendo todo a guaro Ajajaja

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