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Hola amigos! This week I want to transport you to my magic place. Close your eyes. You are lying at the beach. Relax. I want you to feel the breeze. Breathe in. The warmth of the sunshine touching your skin and the sound of the waves as the soundtrack. This is for me is the ultimate luxury. In this post I want to discover you my little paradise where I come to disconnect, a place where I spend most of my time relaxing and enjoying the summer vacation. This little town called Caldetas is a beautiful beachfront village close to Barcelona with the most cristal waters and natural surroundings in the Mediterranean Sea. The beauty of Caldetas can be enjoyed all year long thanks to the amazing weather we have here in Spain, Catalunya specially, where we can extend the summer season, I have been swimming in the sea here until late October! (LaEternaVacasion)


From Barcelona is very easy, its only 30 minutes driving, so you could come spend the day at the beach and leave back to the city! Another way of getting here is to take a train by Renfe and it also takes half an hour!


Since caldetas has remained very local (and that’s the beauty of it), the hotels are few, and I would suggest you try to rent a villa or an apartment. The best locations are beachfront or Supermaresme residential area. You will find the most beautiful properties to relax and make the best of your summer days.
If you want to stay in a hotel, there are some small hotels very cute that will be perfect for your weekend getaway.
Vila Arenys: Recently opened, this hotel is located in the neighboring village Arenys De Mar, this hotel is perfect if you want to be close by to the beach.
Can Mora de d’Alt: This is a rural villa converted into a boutique hotel in the mountains. Best to be enjoyed in couples for a disconeting weekend! Enjoy the views !


The best thing to do in Caldetas is to relax by the beach and do sports. The healthy life here is a must. Go for a run by the beach, do paddle surfing, kayaking. Try beach yoga, you will see its another level of connection to your mind, body and soul! For the bravest try SUP yoga (standing up paddle surf) and then tell me how cool it is!
The most life/happening in the area is in Port Balis, where you have the most restaurants and option to all these water sports I mention here. For the ladies its great to enroll on the Aquagym classes every morning! In the afternoons go play a game of Padel , if you have never heard of this sport, is like a smaller version of tennis with four players, where the ball can also hit the walls. I just got a video idea here… 😉 If you are more into golf then I suggest you play in Club de Golf Llavaneras and most surely you will find me there! Such a lovely course as its not too big and you can walk around like a garden, the best about this course? The hole 17 where you have the best views of the Maresme and the Sea , I fall in love with this place every time I play!


There are so many amazing restaurants you will love in the are, here are the best ones I always visit:
Pins mar. The best beach front restaurant, a classic worth taking a car and driving from Barcelona just to eat here. Order the grilled mussles, they are the specialty of the house and impossible to find anywhere else in the world. The red shrimps are also amazing!
Onades: The best and my favourite chiringuito in the area by far(beach club/bar): Enjoy a wonderful dinner sitting front row to the beach with the quality of a luxury restaurant. Order any grilled fish of the day and salmon tataki with mustard! As dessert do not forget the coca de Llavaneras , typical in the area!
El Taller: This restaurant is a villa in the heart of town. They are most famous for their grilled meats and traditional catalan food (pan con tomate! 🙂 ). My favourite dish that I only eat here and nowhere else is the grilled pig’s feet! Haha i’m sure some of you are horrorised by the idea but you can’t imagine how tasty and healthy this dish is! Perfect for anyone who is going on a diet 😉
-Voramar: This restaurant is located in the most tranquil and wild part of the beach in Caldetas. This one I recommend it for lunch so you can enjoy a beach day and end with some fresh seafood! My favourite here are the grilled sardines!
Club Nautico del Balis: ie the restaurant of the club in Port Balis. The terrace of this restaurant is one the most beautiful where you can feel the most the Mediterranean vibe since you have views to the port and all the sailing boats (hello instagram) They have a daily menu and the service is excellent! Have any of the paellas they are delicious!
Pizzeria Estrac. I am a pizza lover and in Barcelona I have a hard time finding a good pizza! The pizzeria Estrac is a classic here in Caldetas, known for their crunchy pizzas with lots of cheese and ingredients! Try the Estrac with pistaccio sauce, you would never imagine it, but it is simply amazing!
Ca l’Adela: A delicatessen shop in with super gourmet food, they have the best prepared home food dishes and some very healthy options, my favourite are the Pear Vichysoisse and the Hummus!


Come to Caldetas if you want to be in a natural habitat by the sea, disconnect from the world and and spend some relaxing days at the beach. If you are visiting Barcelona, take one day off to explore the real Catalunya coast , enjoy the gastronomy and take some pics at the most beautiful beaches in the Maresme region!
The only days where Caldetas is not so peaceful is when there is the foam party!You can watch the video on my YouTube Channel Rovitravel! Its the most fun day event where the village turns into a Disneyland for and everyone is out playing around town. 😉

Thank you for reading!
See you around Caldetas!
Mon Rovi

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