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Hola amigooooos!!

This week I’m going to introduce you the latest, newest and most luxurious hotel in New York City, the brand new Four Seasons NY Downtown. You know the Four Seasons is my favourite hotel chain, staying with them is a always a guarantee of quality. The service, the details, everything. Let me tell you all you need to know for a fantastic holiday here!


Located in one of the tallest towers in heart of the Financial district , the FSNY DOWNTOWN is perfect when you plan on visiting Lower Manhattan, one of the hottest districts in the city.

Normally when you stay in NYC what you want to do most is to go out and walk around the city all day. On my stay in the FSNY DOWNTOWN what I felt most like doing was to stay in my room 1804 and enjoy the hotel. In the middle of a hectic city that is NY, I found the perfect place to disconnect.

I would sit on the sofa by the windows with views on the Downtown and just watch. At any moment the city is perfect, with the sunrise on the skyline, the sunset, even when it rains. The views are just magical. So what’s best to enjoy the room than ordering room service? Everything in the room is controlled on an iPad, want something to eat? Just tap on the images menu, what do you feel like? Club sandwich, cold press juice, poke bowl? Yes they even have poke bowl, paradise amigos!

When I say the Four Seasons have an excellent service its all about the small details. Finding you iPhone charger cable all rolled up on a little FS cord, finding little cleaning FS tagged wipe for the glasses next to your glasses ( sunglasses, glasses, all kinds ) Every time I left the room I came back and the room was cleaned up again and again. Is like they have a radar to see when you leave and they quickly go in and fix everything for you to find the room always impecable.

The Spa: I am becoming a Four Seasons spa expert lately, having been to the one in Bali at Sayan, the FS Geneva, and FS Milan recently, I have to say the Spa in the FS Downtown is also very beautiful and of course modern. With a huge pool where you can swim and fantastic facilities and the most comfortable bathrobes! A perfect way to spend the afternoon after a long day walking around the city.

Pet Friendly! How many hotels, or restaurants even, do you know that let you go in with your little pup? Well the FSNY DOWNTOWN is one of them ! Only for that they deserve the best rating ever, thank you!

About dining inside the hotel, apart from the fabulous room service, you have the restaurant CUT by worlds famous chef Wolfgang Puck. You can enjoy the best American steak in town, also breakfast, lunch, dinner, and their famous brunch!! I had here one of the best avocado toasts and the most truffled up french fries of my life! The steak was also the best I had during my stay in NYC!


When you stay at the fabulous FS downtown, it will be difficult to leave the hotel, but if you manage, you are at the best locations to explore the areas of the Ground Zero, just a block from the hotel, the fantastic luxury outlet shopping Century 21 just across the street (you can find the best bargains here). You can also walk to Soho, one of my favourite areas in New York, where you can take the best pics (yes I am an instagramer what can I say) and also shop!!!!! The area is super trending right now so you will find all the best restaurants steps away from the hotel , Nobu, stk… all the top restaurants in NYC I will explain you on my next blog post 🙂

The FS DOWNTOWN video coming up this week so make sure to subscribe to my channel Subscribe and let’s continue to explore the world together!

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Thank you for reading and see you in New York amigos!


Mon Rovi

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