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Hola amigooooos!!

This week I bring you what has been one of the best trips of my life! Discovering Iceland with my friends has been a unique experience, adventure, nature.. It is probably the most unplanned trip I ever did. I bought my flights on Thursday and on Tuesday I was boarding the plane with no hotel or anything booked. One of the most fun trips that turned out to be on my top travels in the world.
I want you to come with me and explore this fabulous country, so here I am going to tell you everything I learnt and what you should do when you visit Iceland!


I flew with Norwegian direct from Barcelona, the flight is 4.30 h and there is wifi on the plane so by the time you post a pic from the plane, do a couple stories and reply some emails you have already landed in Reykjavik!!
Once you land you MUST rent a car. It’s absolutely necessary to move around.


I stayed in Grand Hotel Reykjavik, the only thing is that is a bit out of town so if you want to move you need the car. Other than this hotel in Reykjavik I would recommend you to stay at the Hilton Canopy which is in the center and you can walk around all the shops and restaurants.


The Blue Lagoon is probably the main reason we wanted to come to Iceland. One of the 25 wonders of the world. The Geothermal spa is known for its blue hot waters located on a lava field. The water is full of minerals that have wonderful benefits for the skin.
Just to be here is an unforgettable experience. When its totally freezing outside you go on the water that is so warm that seems magic.
Things to know when you come here; I recommend you to get the Premium Entrance as it gives you bathrobe, flip flops, towel, the mud masks and a free drink at the bar.
What nobody tells you is that you need to be careful with your hair, the water can damage it a bit, so make sure to have some nice hair mask at home to take care of it when you arrive. However, at the blue lagoon there are showers with shampoo and hair conditioner so you wash it after. You should also be careful if you have contact lenses as they may get damaged with the water as well!! It happened to meee so I know 🙂


For the Adventure part I totally recommend you go to Midgard Adventure Camp. To arrive here you will need to drive about 1.30 from Reykjavik. The camp just opened so everything is new, we had a room with 4 bunk beds and it felt like going back to childhood with the school !

The best about Midgard is that they take you on the coolest car excursions, Stefnir, one of the owners ,who has been the best guide ever in the world we cannot be thankful enough, showed us around with the super cool car! THIS IS A MUST THING TO DO .
The excursion will take you around the Southern part of Iceland for a day, crossing rivers, going to a black sand volcano beach, climbing on rocks, going inside a cave, and visiting the famous glacier volcano that stoped air traffic some years ago, do you remember the volcanic ash cloud? You can now see it live!!! Let me ask you something, did you ever do a BBQ in the snow? Here will you will!! Stefnir prepared us the famous Icelandic hot dogs that were one of the best I ever tried in my life!!!!
You will wear some suits to go out and explore the land of ice and sometimes you will feel as if you are in the moon!!!
I cant wait for you to see all of this in the youtube video as you will get a better idea of how it is, but I promise if I had to go back, this car experience would be forsure on top of my list to do again!
In the camp they have super healthy and delicious food, vegetables, a hot soup, sandwiches, a hot sauna and a jacuzzi for you to recover from the whole day of expedition!


Back in Reykjavik I made a list of the top restaurants I visited and the top things you need to order here:

Food Cellar: Have the chef surprise menu consisting of 6 courses. This was our first night in Iceland and we were so surprised to see such an cool restaurant that you could find in London or Paris. The food here was declicious and the cocktails were not only good but also super sophisticated in terms of presentation. The course was composed of Pretzel con honey cheese, cod fish (how delicious is the cod here!!) , beef carpaccio with truffle, Shrimp tempura, the lamb was also very good and the dessert to finish off with some ice cream! Try the Frog cocktail !!

Matur og: If you want to try what its like to eat the real food of iceland, traditional cuisine and old time recipes adapted to the modern days then you should come to this restaurant and order the Icelandic menu. Here I tried for the first time in my life a Cod Fish Head, they will bring it to you whole on a plate. Only for the brave!!

Kopar: A little restaurant super cute located in the port of Reykjavik: Perfect if you want to walk around, or have any excursion from the boats (whale watching for example!!) Ask for a table by the window so you can see all the boats coming in and out of the port!
I loved the grilled beetroot, the zucchini spaghetti and the sweet potato ! top top!!

Messin: Located in the heart of Reykjavik I will tell you here I had one of the best lobster soups I ever tried! You should go here to have the grilled salmon, they will serve it directly with a pan to the table ! Super recommended!


Well well amigos, the best Rovitip I can give you is to come prepared for the cold, wear your most warm boots, jackets, hats, globes and thermic clothing. Weather conditions here are harsh and you must be equipped! Also during the winter months the day light is only from 11 to 4 pm . Its not easy to adapt, but on the positive side, having so much night is perfect to see the Northern lights. Its a matter of luck, you must have good weather conditions, be apart from the city lights. I saw them from the Midgard Camp as its away from the city and it was a magical moment.
Also you must know that at some points is freezing and your phone may die, it happened to me a lot during the trip, also with the go pro it turned off!

Soooo all of this and many more Iceland adventures you will see live on the video I will upload next week on my Youtube channel <> and let’s continue to explore the world together!

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Thank you for reading and see you in Iceland amigos!


Mon Rovi

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