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La Eterna Vacasion

Hola Amigos!
Today I want to talk to you about my newly created hashtag #LaEternaVacasion . Yes with ‘S’ in honour to my latino friends who are the happiest people I know in the planet and the bigger users of this concept, even if they don’t know it yet.
La Eterna Vacasion ( the eternal vacation) does not mean you have a year full of holidays with no obligations. What it means is that you believe in keeping a holidays state of mind. Let me explain; You may work all day but when you have that coffee break you go out and walk in the sun and you feel that sun, you cherish it and you are thankful for that moment that even if its small, it makes your day special.
So next time you think your vacation is only the two weeks you get off work in august, think again. The trick is to learn how to appreciate the small things in life.
La Eterna Vacasion may be a dinner on Wednesday night with your friends, full of laughs and sharing anecdotes with the people you love.
La Eterna Vacasion may be getting lost walking around your city and exploring new streets you haven’t been to before.
La Eterna Vacasion is looking at pictures from your summer and realising how lucky and blessed you are.
La Eterna Vacasion is that one hour when you escape your routine and go for a run or the feeling you get in yoga, going to a painting class, or reading that book. Anything that makes your mind wander.
You do not need to be traveling all the time to enjoy La Eterna Vacasion, you create it within yourself with a positive mind and a grateful attitude!
Think of what adds to your life, the people, the food, the places you go to and surround yourself with more of what makes you happy.
The more positive you are towards life, the more life will give back to you! And that is the secret of my “La Eterna Vacasion”.
So come on amigos, let’s get tagging, I want to see your pics with #LaEternaVacasion ! I will shoutout the best ones 😉

Mon Rovi

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    • Caldetas – Rovi Travel
      September 12, 2016

      […] Hola amigos! This week I want to transport you to my magic place. Close your eyes. You are lying at the beach. Relax. I want you to feel the breeze. Breathe in. The warmth of the sunshine touching your skin and the sound of the waves as the soundtrack. This is for me is the ultimate luxury. In this post I want to discover you my little paradise where I come to disconnect, a place where I spend most of my time relaxing and enjoying the summer vacation. This little town called Caldetas is a beautiful beachfront village close to Barcelona with the most cristal waters and natural surroundings in the Mediterranean Sea. The beauty of Caldetas can be enjoyed all year long thanks to the amazing weather we have here in Spain, Catalunya specially, where we can extend the summer season, I have been swimming in the sea here until late October! (LaEternaVacasion) […]

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