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Menorca en LLaut

Hola amigooooos!!!

This week I want to recommend you one of my favourite summer islands: Menorca!
This little island in the Balearics has one of the best turquoise waters and beautiful caves you can explore in Europe.

You can see my previous Menorca post where I recommend you the best beaches and restaurants : and the two YouTube videos I filmed last summer
Rovitravel Menorca 1
Rovitravel Menorca 2

So now talking about this years vacation in the island I found the best way to explore Menorca and that is by boat.

I got recommended the traditional Menorca Llaut boat from a local friend and we decided it was worth to try it out, given than the most famous beaches in Menorca are very small, hard to reach and super full of people. And it was the best decision we ever made!


Booking the boat, is very simple, head to the website and there you will find some pictures, boat information and a video that looks like an ad from Estrella Damm beer that will get you in the mood to jump on this adventure right away.

The boat is located in the beautiful Mahon port, so depending on the wind that day you will cruise to one side of the island or the other. You will only need to care about getting your group of friends together , up to 10 , and Jordi the captain and owner of the boat will take care of the rest! Start at 10 am and finish around 7 pm, you will spend one of the best summer days here!

Jordi will share with you his passion for the island and his cool attitude made it feel like one more friend to the group, he will take you around the best hidden corners of Menorca where you will be at most times alone in the clear waters of the island.

As for what to do in the boat apart from tanning, listening to music and enjoying the best views Menorca has to offer, you can also do snorkel, the boat is fully equipped with goggles and everything you might need and there are also two paddle surf boards.
If you are more into adventure, you can also jump from one of the rocks, surf underwater caves and explore hidden natural pools.

In the boat you will have an aperitivo, with all beverages you might want, beer, Coca Cola, water… and some things to eat such as chips, mussels, the typical Mahon cheese.

For lunch Jordi will organise for you a catering service, including salads, pasta, gazpacho soup and delicious desserts, you can ask for the menu beforehand and you can always change something if you have other food preferences.

So amigos, if you are thinking to go to Menorca this summer my best RoviTips advice is that you call Jordi and book his boat for the day!!

You will see the Menorca adventures by boat that I will upload this week on my Youtube channel RoviTravel by Mon Rovi Subscribe and let’s continue to explore the world together!

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Thank you for reading and see you in Menorca amigos!


Mon Rovi

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    • […] Menorca is the place to be if you are looking to spend some days at the sea, relaxing, tanning and enjoying the simple pleasures of life. It is the anti show-off destination, you should come here to disconnect and bend with the natural wonders the island has to offer. Grab your snorkel kit and jump to explore the underwater world! You can also get a private tour by a local on the typical LLaut boat. More info about Menorca En LLaut on my post here . […]

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