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Mexico City – Hotel Habita / Condesa DF

Hola Amigoooos!
Welcome to one of my favorite cities in the world! Mexico Df is a place I always look forward to going back to. The people, the food, the vibe. Everything in Mexico is inviting and let’s be honest its suuper fun! Thanks to my best friends in Mexico I had the chance to get to know the top insider places and here I want to share them with you ! Ready? <3 Enjoy!


Mexico city is very well connected to all major airlines across the globe. When deciding how to fly I like to see all the different options and what is the best way to spend the 11 h flight to cross the ocean all the way to Mexico from Europe. My choice has been to fly with AirFrance on the a380, the biggest plane in the world. Why? First of all AirFrance is one of the most reliable airlines in terms of punctuality and service and is perfect to connect flights within Mexico as they are member of the Sky Team alliance together with Aeromexico. Rovitips, join the FlyingBlue program you will get advantages such as free extra luggage and seat selection! I recorded the flight for my YouTube channel RoviTravel click on the link here and you will see how the a380 is a super comfortable plane with big wide seating space, your own tv with many shows, movies, music and where you can watch the live cameras from the outside of the plane as you fly. On this flight I ordered a special meal from the à La Carte menu from the famous LeNotre restaurant in Paris that was delicious! Very recommended, it’s like having lunch at Champs Elysees, only with sky views 😉 Also special thanks to the AirFrance Grand lounge at the Mexico DF airport! Here they will treat you amazing it’s a perfect place to chill with great food to eat and you can even take a shower before flying. If you ask me if I would fly again with AirFrance the answer is YES!!!!


My recommendations on the areas you should stay in Mexico are, Polanco, La Condesa or La Roma neighbourhoods.
Hotel Habita: I stayed here during the first part of my trip. Located in Mazaryk street, which is like the Fifth Avenue of Mexico, its perfect for shopping, walking around and its in the middle of all the best restaurants you need to go to. The rooms in the Habita are super modern, white and big, it reminds me a lot of the Hotel Pacha in Ibiza. My favorite thing about the room is the huge bath, perfect to relax after the long flight! The hotel also has a rooftop terrace with the best views of Polanco and a very nice pool to tan, because it is super hot in Mexico during the day!!! Special thanks to Mariano in the reception for being so helpful all the time! What a wonderful service always in Mexico! PS The breakfast here is another level! Have the fresh fruits with the special ricotta cheese and the black bread ahh delicious! Is breakfast the best part of the day or whaat ? 😉
Condesa DF hotel: I stayed at this hotel during the second part of my trip, also from the same group Habita as the first hotel. I got the balcony suite number 23, that might as well be considered an apartment, super cool design and decor and cozy at the same time, I would honestly just move here! This hotel is now the most happening in Mexico for its cool fashion scene. Located at the Condesa neighbourhood, known for its hipster vibe, you should stay here if you are in a more casual mood and want to get to know the local Mexico. The rooftop at the Condesa is the IT place for drinks, order the Mezcal mohito while you have some sushi! Breakfast here is delicious as well and its served at a buffet in the wonderful interior patio.. and they have Jamón!!  Top top!


Mexico is a city of contrasts. Some of my favourite things to do are walking around la Condesa and exploring the local stores, fashion shops and wonderful colored houses (while taking pics of all the street art of course lol) Getting lost in its streets can be super fun. On the other hand you want more high end shopping then you should head to Palacio del Hierro, the most famous shopping mall in the city recently renovated where you will find the best brands. Im case you want something more local, I suggest you visit the Mercado de Cuidadela, where you will find all kind of traditional Mexican arts and crafts, from typical painted skulls, super cool wool jackets to anything you can imagine.
You should also visit the Cathedral Metropolitana in the historical center of the city, this cathedral is the oldest and largest in all Latin America. I suggest you take a morning to walk around and visit the old town in the center, have a drink at the terrace of the beautiful Downtown hotel! Best views here!
A compulsory stop is to visit the Frida Kahlo museum, the famous blue house of Frida and Diego, where she was born, lived and died in. It’s totally worth to visit and the neighbourhood is wonderful, some of the nicest and most expensive houses in Mexico are located here! I suggest you buy the museum tickets online to avoid the long queues! From Frida you are very close to the San Angel neighborhood, also a must go because its all like a small village! Instagram 1, 2, 3 go!


Ready because here goes the most important of it all! If there is one thing I am doing here all the time is eating!!!! Tacos Tacos and more Tacos! Because in Mexico you almost never eat bread, instead, everything comes with ‘tortillas’ and ‘totopos’. During this trip I was also checking the great advice and recommendations of local Mexican instagram foodie @foodobsessionist follow for more tips! Here is the top list to all the places you MUST visit in Mexico city:
San Angel Inn: Probably one of the most beautiful and luxury restaurants in Mexico City. Located in the San Angel magical neighbourhood, this place is an old Mexican Hacienda mansion turned into a restaurant, so the place itself is an experience. The interior patio and garden is just the most marvelous setting to have lunch or dinner at, try to book a table there in advance because it’s always superfull. This restaurant should be one of your compulsory stops. While you enjoy the top qualilty traditional food there are mariachis that will come sing at your table. Talking about experiences, I had here the most strange thing I ever ate in my life : ants eggs! They came in a taco with avocado, if you ask me what it tasted and looked like I would say couscous!

Cocina Abierta: On the ground floor of the fashionable and newest building in Mexico City where Facebook and Instagram and based, you find this place which is a conglomerate of restaurants. Imitating a market, you sit at a table and can order to your waiter from any of the restaurants inside. A healthy juice bar, a Mexican restaurant, a sushi bar, an ice cream shop… The biggest plus? You can mix and match the food as you want, perfect for when your group can’t agree on what to eat!
Cabrera 7: In la Roma neighborhood you find this traditional Mexican restaurant, probably one of the best guacamoles I ever tried. Do not be surprised when you see women drinking tequila shots for lunch, in Mexico is what is should be done. So when in Rome or this case in la Roma… drink tequila! Really I think we ate half the menu and everything was delicious. Special thanks to our Mexican family friends who discovered us this place! Ps. Try to get a table on the first floor to enjoy the views on the Roma streets and the dessert cake of 3 leches is to die for!
Nobu Bosques: Nobu is probably the nº 1 sushi in the world outside Japan. With many restaurants spread across the main cities in the globe, Nobu is known for its luxury decor, superb food quality and top service. A good friend told me the story about how a group of Mexican entrepreneurs were after Chef Nobu Matsuisha to open in Mexico. After many failed attempts they continued being very very insisting until the celebrity chef who was reluctant to open in the Mexico finally gave in and accepted their invitation to visit Mexico City. When he realized the amazing quality of fish and cuisine the Mexicans managed he changed his mind and decided to open multiple restaurants at once! The moral of the story here is that when you believe in something you need to pursue your dreams because they might come true! Order the toro sashimi with Jalapeño and the soft shell crab! Sushi with a Mexican touch can only make it better 😉

La Cervecería de Barrio: This is a Mexican restaurant chain for tacos, the best is that you will find many of them everywhere in Mexico and that they are all delicious!! I went to the one in La Condesa where you can enjoy the views to the Cibeles square and park! Order the tuna toast (remember no bread here, the tuna is over a tortilla!) a guacamole is also compulsory, and the Taco de Barrio signature dish of the place which is a taco with shrimp and cheese. PS: Beware on the spicy sauces and jalapeño peppers HOT HOT HOT!!

Tori Tori: My all time favourite sushi here in Mexico! There are many around the city and the coolest one right one now is the one in Polanco, Tori Tori Temistocles, make sure you book your table in advance! You cannot go wrong with anything you order. My best choice here is the salmon bowl and the sushi rice cakes!

Cerceceria La Romita: In the Roma neighbourhood this fish restaurant, with an underground hipster vibe, there is a dj with house music while you have lunch that only stops playing when a group of Marichis from the street walks in to play some music and sing! The food to order here is the ceviche.

Mog: When we talk about the coolest of the cool, there is Mog restaurant. Located at the Roma neighbourhood, it could be described as the ultimate hipster Sushi place. Awesome quality and cool open air style decoration, the sushi here is top, I had the best salmon bowl ever and the makis are also delicious.

La Buena barra: Located in the famous Mazaryk street, this restaurant/party club is one of the best places to go for a night out! I celebrated my birthday here with some friends and a lot of Tequila ! Always order Don Julio 70 which is the best one, you will notice the difference to regular tequilas we are used to! The food in la Buena barra is typical Mexican and delicious; the tostada de atún wonderful, the tacos amazing , the guacamole.. But without doubt the star here is the Mezcal Beef. The best beef steak cooking show where they light up the whole plate by firing up the Mezcal which is a similar alcohol to tequila . Top top.


Mexico city is huge and you must learn that even if there are places like Polanco, Condesa and la Roma amongst many others where its totally safe to walk and be there are some areas that you should stay away from. I wouldn’t say it’s a dangerous city but be a bit smart and don´t flash around watches or jewelry in certain places. The simpler you dress the better. Check the places you want to go to before going and use Uber drivers app to move around, which apart from being super safe and having the best service I ever experienced in an Uber (they give you water bottles, food, charger for your phone it is also super cheap, you can be in the car for half an hour and you will pay a maximum equivalent to 3 euro for a ride.
Always, if you have the chance, do visit this city and country and explore such beautiful traditions and culture! Thank you Mexico for always welcoming me and making me fee at home!
And to you amigos thank you for reading! Please feel free to share this article with any of your friends traveling to Mexico I hope this guide will help them get around the city and let me know in the comments if you have any suggestions you would add!
This Wednesday new video on my youtube channel RoviTravel featuring the historical and more local part of Mexico! I think you will like it, it’s going to be very funny! Subscribe to my channel and stay tuned ¡
For more about my daily adventures follow me on instagram @mon_rovi
See you in Mexico!
Mon Rovi

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