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New York Fashion Week: Shows, Instagram Pic Essentials, Hotspots..

Hola amigooooos!!

Welcome to New York! One of my favourite cities in the world and a place I always look forward coming back to. New York has a special energy, a vibrant city that makes you want to follow its rhythm up and down without stoping!


New York is closer than ever thanks to the fabulous low-cost and top quality airline Norwegian, you have direct flights every day from Barcelona to Newark airport.

The Norwegian planes are the new Dreamliner 787 , named the safest and best planes for long haul flights. The cabin pressure on the 787 is higher and the humidity higher than other airplanes. What is means is that, passengers on board will feel like they are at an altitude of 6,000 feet, 2,000 feet lower than a standard flight. The changes will cut down on passenger fatigue, dry eyes and headaches. So you can arrive fresh to the city of dreams!


As Carry Bradshaw from sex and the city said: “Every year the women of New York leave the past behind and look forward to the future. This is known as Fashion Week…”

And here we are with my Colombian friend Laura Tobon to enjoy a week full of shows, events and presentations of the latest fashion!

My favourite shows this season have been:

The Classics: Ralph Lauren, Tom Ford, Jeremy Scott, Custo Barcelona, Tory Burch, Carolina Herrera, Oscar de la Renta, Marc Jacobs and Diane Von Furstenberg.

New top upcoming designers: Chiara Boni, Dan Liu, Indonesian Diversity, 112mountanyiam. Keep an eye on them cause they are about to take over the world amigos!


So what are the best places to take the most amazing pics in NYC.

Dumbo Brooklyn: You can take the picture on the street with the views of the bridge at the end . Also since you are here walk to the Brooklyn bridge, there are very nice pictures here too.

Soho: Walk around the neighbourhood, the small streets with stone buildings are top.

Times Square: Its a must place to take a pic, I suggest you go in the evening so the neon lights from the ads pop up more in the pics!

Central Park: Take a pic on the ice skating ring, and walking around, take a look at the benches and whats written on them!

Met Museum: Take a pic on the stairs of the famous museum, very Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl!

Starbucks coffee: Well its quite typical but it works well on Instagram . Hold the coffee with one hand and take a pic with the views of the street.

Find some smoke chimneys and take pics walking by those too! Very cool effect.

If you want a cool professional photoshoot you should talk to my friend and top photographer based in Nyc called Mike find him on Instagram @mikeeip


This time I stayed at the W hotel in Times Square, which is nice because you are in the center of the city and it’s quite convenient to move around the shows, uptown, downtown etc. but also quite hectic.

However, if you are coming to NYC for some days as vacation I would suggest you stay somewhere around Soho. It’s more chill and friendly to walk around!


I have a special NYC restaurants post that you can check here

And the new additions from the trip I would like to add is;

Nusr Et: You all know him from being the ‘ Salt Bae’!  You can’t imagine my joy when we entered the restaurant and I saw him there haha! I wasn’t leaving without my picture with him and obviously we got it amigos! I hope when you go you find him too. He travels around the world to all his restaurants, he has in Dubai, Miami, Istanbul… And I must say the food was delicious ! Amazing steak, salad, side dishes, even if Salt Bad is not there I recommend you to go as well.

Lunch at the Mercer Hotel: I had the most delicious salmon sashimi with fried rice sushi ! I wanna go back to eat here again!

Dinner at the Sushi Bou jan Lae club! The sushi master will make the sushi in front of you. A fantastic experience and super top quality sushi at the same level to the original in Tokyo.


I recommend you to visit NYC in the not so freezing winter months. We were lucky these days but the week before there was a cold strike that got to -15 degrees! I would say my favourite time to visit NY is April to June and September to October. For New Years is also very beautiful with the xmas lights and everything decorated… but be prepared with warm jackets!!

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Thank you for reading and see you in New York amigos!


Mon Rovi

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