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Yoga Retreat in Bali – Desa Seni Village Resort

Hola amigos!!
This week I want to tell you all about how I accomplished one of my dreams, going to a Yoga Retreat… in BALI! Ever since I started doing yoga, I always wanted to go on a meditation getaway to practice and learn new techniques, well, I must confess the movie Eat, Pray, Love also contributed to the idea 😉
The chosen place for this wonderful experience has been the Village Resort Eco hotel Desa Seni.


First of all amigos, we need to arrive to Bali. Travelling to Indonesia is every time easier. I remember my first time coming to Bali we had to take 3 planes with crazy transit hours around the world. This time I flew in with Qatar Airways with a stop in Doha. In total from my house in Barcelona to the Desa Seni village resort there has been 24 h, I know exact because of the stories timeline on instagram ! You also have a great hub in Dubai with Emirates (my favourite airline in the world) or with Singapore Airlines.
Arriving to the resort is about one hour from the airport in Denpasar, it’s located at the Canggu area which is the new it place for the healthy, cool and yoga vibes in the island of Bali.


The Desa Seni hotel is a village resort made up of little wooden Balinese houses. The moment you arrive to the hotel, all employees are super friendly and welcoming, they strike a gong to scare away all the negativity around you, and now you are ready to start your spiritual adventure!
Walking around the hotel in its tropical gardens is as if you are in a mini world of yoga with everything green, organic and eco friendly. Take a look at the hotel gardens and you will realise they are growing all the vegetables that you will later eat at the restaurant. In between the walks you will also notice the different decorations of Buddha statues and Namaste signs that surround the resort. The Desa Seni summed up in one word: SERENITY.
I stayed at the Deluxe House, the villa is beyond beautiful, with an outdoor terrace, a super big bed covered by a mosquito net, my own garden and a huge bathroom with rain shower. In the room you will find they give you a box with a lantern so you can move around the Desa Seni gardens at night, they also give you flower seeds so you can plant them and leave your mark in the hotel! Isn’t it wonderful!?


Disconnect from the world. The ideal thing to do is to wake up early and start the day with a sunrise yoga class. Breathe in the nature. Practice with the beauty and the energy Bali offers. The yoga teachers have such a great vibe, coming from all over the world they are so passionate about yoga and Bali that they once they came here and never went back to their countries. I even thought this could happen to me at some point haha .
The rest of the day you can chill by the pool, take meditation classes, do more yoga because there are classes all the time with different styles and levels, even accro yoga!
I also recommend that you relax at their fabulous spa! Hello we are in Bali the home of the Balinese massage! Try the Balinese massage, 90 minutes of relaxation with scented oils without doubt one of the best things in the world. In another visit to the spa, (busy days, I know) I tried their Aura Chakra treatment. The energy healing process of the Chakras consists in a ritual that realigns and cleans all the energies inside us. It was really a beautiful ceremony performed by a Balian, an energy healer, with incense and himself reciting some unintelligible Balinese sayings together with offerings, flowers and sips of coconut water, our own private energy party! At the end the Balian gave me an energy protection bracelet that everywhere I went later the Balinese people recognized that I had the Aura Chakra healed. Winning!


The best about the Desa Seni resort is that you see that everything you are eating has been grown there. All the time there are workers around the hotel taking care of every single plant. Next to my house I had a garden growing Aubergines, and I must say the Aubergines with sun dried tomato I had for dinner were one of the best I tried in my life!
Some other dishes that I loved so much, for example, are the kale salad, the grilled chicken with vegetables, the tuna with quinoa and the fish tacos of tuna and avocado that I ate by the pool on the sunbed! Ordering food to the sunbed should be the international symbol of a good vacation.
The breakfast at Desa Seni is also one of my favourite things, you can choose from so many dishes, all super healthy with avocado, fruits, eggs any way you want.. Ahh did you ever try Dragon Fruit? It’s purple and so tasty, I discovered it here! I couldn’t stop eating it for the rest of the trip!
In conclusion everything at the Desa Seni is organic, delicious, super healthy, the restaurant menu is the dream of anyone who likes to eat clean. I think I lost weight just by being here two days of eating so healhty and doing all the yoga! So amigos if you are thinking to do a cleanse inside and out this resort is the place for you!


I really can say coming to the Desa Seni is a dream come true and I couldn’t be more grateful to everyone in the resort for being so amazing and making my stay fabulous. I encourage you to take some days off from the hectic lives we live and come to the Desa Seni to focus on yourself. Eat healthy, listen to your body and enjoy the beautiful nature and world we live in.

Thank you for reading! This Wednesday new video on my youtube channel RoviTravel featuring my fabulous experience at the Yoga retreat In Bali: Desa Seni resort! Subscribe and see for yourselves why you should visit!
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See you around Bali!
Mon Rovi

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